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NowLifeStyle System

The Team Echo 10K NLS System

PLEASE NOTE:  The video below is up to date with the new funnel pages. The shared codes below are for the new pages.

We had a bug in the system that crashed our pages so we had to recreate all of them. The written instructions are not yet up to day, we are working on it and will have them updated as soon as possible.

What You Need:

The Flow:

Your visitor will see the ‘pocket’capture page and fill out the form where they are directed to the NLSfree page and encouraged to join Now Lifestyle and then take the next step.

The next step takes your visitor to the NLS21 page where they learn about The System and Setting it up. The System link directs them to The Conversion Pros and the Setting it up button directs them to the NLS32 page.

The NLS32 Page includes all the shared codes and a video on how to setup the T2P Funnel. It also directs your visitor to join our Team2Profit system.

With the Team2Profit funnel, we are generating subscribers as well as signups for The Conversion Pros, Now Lifestyle and Team2Profit.

From within Team2Profit, members will discover this T2P Funnel system and be directed to join the programs under YOU, their sponsor!

The Shared Codes:

Auto-Responder NLS prospects cce214ab
Initial Capture Page – “pocket”  160208f6
NLSfree – Shared code: 6ff3986b
NLS21 – Shared code: c74c1d79
NLS32  – Shared code: 9590735c