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Many people are struggling to gain leads into their online marketing business. They fail  to drive traffic to  their links to produce enough hits in order for someone to “opt-in” their program. You won’t have that problem here at Echo Traffic Club as we train you on how to generate your own traffic and build your own list to gain leads in which you can offer your products or services for sales.


We are about to turn things up a notch with our marketing efforts as we embark on spring season. We just need everyone to get serious about following the gameplan to learn, earn and generate traffic to their links. In order to do so you have to read The Triple A Plan by Conversionsurf.


Once you have picked up those valuable nuggets on how to promote, who to promote too and to only promote one link. Your Echo Traffic Club link! Then you will realize the true power of your efforts as you get organized to maximized qualify traffic from the recommended quality sites offered.


Here are the Team Top Hit Producers over the past 3 Weeks:


Team Mate                                                   Total Hits

Fran Chesler                                                    4416

Jerry Richardson                                              3323

Coach K                                                           2660

Karalee Johnson                                              2429

Mike Cosma                                                     1373

Ben Collier                                                         378

David Hodges                                                    355


Congratulations to Fran Chesler for leading the way again. Frans ETC link will be placed into another position in our Team Rotator.


If you would like to be mentored and guided within our Echo Traffic Club system or have not upgraded at Pays4Ever. Feel free to reach out to Coach Kris at


If you are reading this blog and would like to join our team:


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